How do I sign up for Creative Cloud?

Log into TUportal, click on the Home tab, and click on the Adobe Creative Cloud link. On that page, you will click to subscribe and answer some short questions about how you will use the software. For more information you can visit the Temple University help page dealing with Creative Cloud.


What's the difference between aspect ratio and resolution again?

Aspect ratio describes the relationship between the height and width of a screen, image, or video. Resolution is how many pixels wide and how many pixels tall the image, video, or screen is. Check out this video on the topic. The video includes lots of examples of why each one is important and how they relate.

How do I resize an image?

To resize your image, click on Image...Image Size. In the dialog box that appears, enter your new width or height. As long as the lock icon appears between the two, changing one variable will automatically change the other to keep the same aspect ratio. Watch this video for help on resizing and cropping using Photoshop.


What are some good sites to use for free music tracks and sound effects?

Sites offering decent selections of files classified as Creative Commons that were used in the training videos include Sound Bible, Sound Image, Mixkit, and Freesound.


Where do I go to edit my portfolio?

You can enter your portfolio directly by visiting https://portfolio.adobe.com or you can open TUportal and access Creative Cloud by clicking Home ... Adobe Creative Cloud ... and if registered, you can click the Access Adobe Creative Cloud button and once opened, go to web apps and open Adobe Portfolio.


What are some good sites to use for free videos and images?

Sites offering video and still image files that are classified as Creative Commons and were used in the training videos include Pixabay and Pexels. There are more, but those are two good places to start your search.