100% Absolutely Free Resources

Temple University offers students and faculty many great free resources to help with studies and teaching through campus programs or deals made with top technology companies. In addition, this page links to online resources that gives you access to millions of media files you can use for your projects without the fear of being sued for copyright infringement. Take a look at what is offered below and be sure to share any additional helpful resources you know about with your instructor so those resources can be added to the list!


Having trouble with your e-mail account, computer, canvas, or more? Use the following links to get the help you need fast.

- Set up your Temple University e-mail account
- View Temple's current network system status
- Help desk information (hours, services, etc)


Adobe Creative Cloud is available for current Temple students, faculty and staff for free. Creative Cloud includes programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro and Illustrator. The software is available for download via the Adobe Creative Cloud link under TUapplications on TUportal.


OneDrive is Microsoft's service for hosting files in the "cloud" that's available for the Temple University community with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is available for Temple students, faculty and staff for download on TUportal. Once you log in to the portal, look on the left for Microsoft Download.

OneDrive enables you to store and sync files, and then access them from compatible mobile devices and via the web.


Microsoft Office 365 for Windows and Mac is available for current Temple students, faculty and staff for free. The software is available for download on up to five PCs or Macs via the Microsoft Download link under TUapplications on TUportal.


Zoom is a web conferencing resource providing students, faculty and staff with the convenience of meeting online to collaborate and complete group projects.

Note: All class Zoom meeting links will be posted in Canvas and/or sent to you through announcements.


LinkedIn Learning (Formerly offers access to thousands of videos on business, creativity and technology topics taught by industry experts, as well as certificates and skills to add to your LinkedIn profile.  Training for much of the software taught in lab can be found on this website.


Looking for free images or videos to use for your blog or website? These sites provide images and/or videos that are either public domain or listed under Creative Commons or Creative Commons Attribution (requires a link back to the photographer).


- -- a web based photoshop alternative for on the fly edits
- -- a web based program that will remove the background from an image


Similar to the photo and video resources, you want to make sure you download files that will not put you in legal jeopardy. Visit these sites, follow the requirements, and you will find music, special effects, and more that you can use in your next project requiring sound files.

- (free signup required)


If you are looking for an alternative to Internet Explorer at home, there are a number of options: 

 1. Mozilla Firefox - Firefox is an extremely capable browser with above average security. For fun, you can use different themes to change the look of your browser and add extensions to increase the usefulness of the browser. 

 2. Chrome - Chrome is a very popular, free browser from Google.


Scratch is a free graphical programming language developed at the MIT, Media Lab, to make programming easier to learn ( Scratch uses programming blocks to animate a graphical image called a sprite. Groupings of blocks that you build are called scripts. To get started click on the link below, and set up an account by selecting Join Scratch. All scripts you create will be stored on this site.